Flashy Splashy' Are No Longer Available

Posted by Sharon Burns on 12/2/2022
We gave it our best shot. We thought we had a good source going again for our wonderful Neoprene Gloves, but our last re-order was not at all up to our standards. After much thought we are officially discontinuing all Flashy Splashy's effective today. Dec 2, 2022.

Baking Beauty's Oven Gloves Glamorize America's Kitchens

Posted by Sharon Burns on 4/22/2020
Greetings Beautys,

I apologize for not posting a message in so long. Our family went through a rough two year battle with cancer, which sadly ended with losing my husband last summer.

As 2020 began, we, as all of you, found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. The good news is, many of us are passing the time at home baking! Our popular Baking Beauty's Oven Gloves are proudly glamorizing kitchens all over America! They are made in the USA and will ship immediately.
A few of our fabrics are unavailable right now and will probably remain that way through 2020. We hope to find them again when our fabric suppliers reopen and have restocked.

Our Flashy Splashy's Dishwashing Gloves are still unavailable. I have been diligently searching the world for them and have received many samples. Unfortunately, none of them are anywhere near the quality we require. I continue to hunt, I love our gloves too and will not give up. I'll keep you posted as soon as I find them.
Wishing you all good health and prosperity,

We've hit a Flashy Splashy conumdrum!

Posted by Sharon Burns on 7/31/2018
Hello Beauty's,

We have a conundrum with our Flashy Splashy's! I am trying very hard to find the gloves I have used for the past 16 years for this product and have not been able to. Know I am continually trying and will let you know the minute they are on order. Of course, I could use another glove of equal quality, but that is the problem, I haven't been able to find a glove I consider as good. Let's face it, as much as we like the cute ruffle, the perfection of these long lasting gloves IS the glove! So I'm heartbroken. I will not sell you an inferior glove. My gloves have been actively serving at my kitchen sink for 6 years, that's quality! So I will not settle for less. Will diligently continue to search.
With hope I find them,

Baking Beauty's and Hollywood Kitchen Update is here!

Posted by Sharon Burns on 6/7/2018
Hello Beauty's,

I realized the other day that it's been forever since I updated our Blog!
Never fear, we are all happily perking along at Hollywood Kitchen. I apologize for not keeping the Blog up to date.

In case you've been away on the moon, retail shopping has reorganized, there's an understatement! And so we have too! If a worldwide Retail metamorphosis wasn't enough, our Sewing Contractors of many years decided to retire and hit the beach. Who could blame them! While very difficult to replace them, everything fell into place and we are thrilled to welcome a wonderful Seamstress, appropriately named Cookie! She is very dedicated to making our products look and function better than ever before. We are very fortunate to have her sewing for us. Thankfully all products will continue to be sewn to order in the the Good Old USA.

While all those mountains were moving, the sky cleared, the sun shined twice and our daughter presented us with two delightful boy's. If that wasn't enough for our cup to run over, we will welcome this November, a wonderful (and very creative) daughter-in-law! She loves to bake ladies, so you never know what baking accessories we will be coming up with down the road!

After many requests, we have added a new glove to our Baking Beauty's line. Our popular Lola Lynx Black Glove has been redesigned into a luxurious longer version. You'll see Lola first in line, in the Baking Beauty's section of our website. Priced the same as our original glove at $15.99 each.

For Christmas, we will be adding a new product that's...  hint hint "cozy". Like all of our other products, it is our mission to give practical kitchen accessories a pinch of fun, with the hope they will brighten your day and entertaining! Stay tuned to the website for their introduction in the Fall.

Have a wonderful summer Beauty's, see you in September,


Hollywood Kitchen Fall 2015 IN STOCK

Posted by Administrator on 10/2/2015
All your Favorite Baking Beauty's are Back in Stock!
Free Shipping when you buy 4
(any item on the website).

We LOVE Flashy Splashy's New Print!
Salt & Pepper Damask

New Stock and Easier Shopping

Posted by Administrator on 3/10/2015
New Stock and Easier Shopping! 
I just updated our website with our Spring inventory. I have also improved the way Out of Stocks display. I hope this will make the website more pleasant to use. Cheers!

Free Shipping for Flashy Splashy's Dishwashing Gloves

Posted by Administrator on 2/5/2015
Good afternoon Beauty's!
For Valentine's Day we have added FREE SHIPPING for our Flashy Splashy's, when you purchase 2 pair.
Try them, you will LOVE LOVE them! 

Baking Beauty's Oven Glove's Free Shipping, with purchase of four or more, was so popular we are extending the special! 

Free Shipping Specials are for retail orders only.

We look forward to brightening your Kitchens in 2015!

Baking Beauty's Oven Gloves and Flashy Splashy's 2014 Fall inventory arriving soon!

Posted by Administrator on 8/26/2014

Hi Beauty's!
Thank you for checking in with us.

All our Fall inventory is currently in production. Everything pictured and marked sold out, will be restocked about Oct 1, 2015.
Free shipping on all products when you buy any 4 items. Retail sales only.

Hope you will peek at our brand new imprinted Hostess Aprons! 
We have had many many requests for these over the years and have finally found a way to bring them to you. Please Let me know what you think of them.

Fall is almost here, can't wait! Love love this time of year.

Thanks again for stopping by,

2014 Spring Update

Posted by Administrator on 4/23/2014
We've been busy! Sold out of almost everything and are rushing to restock. We expect to be restocked on most of our styles by the end of May.

For your convenience, we've just added Gift Cards. Since we do have so many out of stocks, we suggest giving a Gift Card as an alternate way to give our gloves as a gift. You can purchase a Gift Card for One Baking Beauty's Glove, Two Baking Beauty's Gloves or One pair of Flashy Splashy's. We've included shipping in the price.

New styles coming soon! We will be adding more glove colors to our very popular Lola Lynx style. In addition to a black glove, Lola will also be available in Pink, Aqua, Brown, Red and Natural. Plus our Carmen gloves are getting a brightly colored update to their fur. We will be updating our product pages to reflect these changes asap.

Valentines Day Special

Posted by Administrator on 2/5/2013
We know Valentine's Day is really all about the desserts ; )
Because we love you, we want you and yours to be baking them up in style!

Now thru Valentine's Day 10% off everything in stock PLUS Free Shipping.

After all that baking... you'll want to clean up a bit.
We've got yo covered with the BEST gloves for suds!

More Inventory on the way!

Posted by Administrator on 8/18/2011
It's been a busy summer here at Hollywood Kitchen! We are rushing to replenish out of stock styles. We expect them back the beginning of September. Thank you for visiting our site.

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!

Posted by on 4/22/2011
We are so excited to have a much better website for you to browse our products and order from. Orders can be made directly from this site without faxes or phone calls to our office. We remain on duty here, if you prefer to contact us directly. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Since it's brand new, we know it may need a little tweaking, we welcome any suggestions or comments on it's functionality. We love to hear from you!