Baking Beauty's and Hollywood Kitchen Update is here!

Posted by Sharon Burns on 6/7/2018
Hello Beauty's,

I realized the other day that it's been forever since I updated our Blog!
Never fear, we are all happily perking along at Hollywood Kitchen. I apologize for not keeping the Blog up to date.

In case you've been away on the moon, retail shopping has reorganized, there's an understatement! And so we have too! If a worldwide Retail metamorphosis wasn't enough, our Sewing Contractors of many years decided to retire and hit the beach. Who could blame them! While very difficult to replace them, everything fell into place and we are thrilled to welcome a wonderful Seamstress, appropriately named Cookie! She is very dedicated to making our products look and function better than ever before. We are very fortunate to have her sewing for us. Thankfully all products will continue to be sewn to order in the the Good Old USA.

While all those mountains were moving, the sky cleared, the sun shined twice and our daughter presented us with two delightful boy's. If that wasn't enough for our cup to run over, we will welcome this November, a wonderful (and very creative) daughter-in-law! She loves to bake ladies, so you never know what baking accessories we will be coming up with down the road!

After many requests, we have added a new glove to our Baking Beauty's line. Our popular Lola Lynx Black Glove has been redesigned into a luxurious longer version. You'll see Lola first in line, in the Baking Beauty's section of our website. Priced the same as our original glove at $15.99 each.

For Christmas, we will be adding a new product that's...  hint hint "cozy". Like all of our other products, it is our mission to give practical kitchen accessories a pinch of fun, with the hope they will brighten your day and entertaining! Stay tuned to the website for their introduction in the Fall.

Have a wonderful summer Beauty's, see you in September,