We've hit a Flashy Splashy conumdrum!

Posted by Sharon Burns on 7/31/2018
Hello Beauty's,

We have a conundrum with our Flashy Splashy's! I am trying very hard to find the gloves I have used for the past 16 years for this product and have not been able to. Know I am continually trying and will let you know the minute they are on order. Of course, I could use another glove of equal quality, but that is the problem, I haven't been able to find a glove I consider as good. Let's face it, as much as we like the cute ruffle, the perfection of these long lasting gloves IS the glove! So I'm heartbroken. I will not sell you an inferior glove. My gloves have been actively serving at my kitchen sink for 6 years, that's quality! So I will not settle for less. Will diligently continue to search.
With hope I find them,